Ian Shoup, United States

Amazing teaching and instruction, ability to connect the students, activities that bounds us, perfect schedule and amount of activity, the variability in styles of the asana practice, the loving culture of the staff and teachers, the beautiful people behind the scenes supporting, the Pranayama Garden, the staff, Pat and the food.

Lara Flaiban, United States

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to do my teacher training at One Yoga. I was educated by very knowledgeable and supportive yoga teachers. I would do it all over again. It was a life changing experience. 

Reyna Cohan, Thailand

The course was so incredibly well rounded and so in depth. I feel like I have expanded in so many ways thanks to the teachings I received. The care, love and joy the lessons are transmitted profoundly and are very special. Pranayama Garden is amazing, food was excellent as were the people.

Philip Blinko, Netherlands

Your warmth and openness effortlessly created a wonderful bond between the students and I feel I have truly witnessed the beauty in everyone. Excellent support through ups and downs, even when I’ve felt exhausted and facing certain limits. You made everything feel so safe in an alien environment. This alone would be enough but I’ve learnt a lot about Yoga practice, philosophy and anatomy. And myself and where I stand on the path and how I want develop in the future. I’am already feeling very sad to leave this beautiful place and know the reverberations will last long into the future. Thank you so much!

Nikoleta Vlckova, United Kingdom

The most beautiful, powerful and magical month of my life is over! I still can't believe it is over, one of my biggest dreams has come true and  I have become a qualified yoga teacher. Can't wait to share this magic with the world ❤ Thank you One Yoga and Thailand for such an amazing experience and for giving me so much knowledge. For teaching me so many valuable things about life, soul, heart, universe, yoga and philosophy! Thank you my incredible teachers! Thank you for letting me experience what it feels like to be connected and to experience unity coming from within. Thank you for meeting so many amazing and inspiring people from all over the world! Thank you for showing me how to dive deep into myself, be vulnerable and surrender and open my ♥. Thank you for teaching me how to let go of old things that no longer serve me. Thank you for giving me this unique opportunity to share this beauty and truth with others! I will never forget and this experience will forever be imprinted in my heart. Lots of love, gratitude, appreciation and kindness! ❤ @ One Yoga Thailand

Ellen So, Hong Kong

I have finished my 200 hours yoga Ttc here and would highly recommend it. The teachers are amazing. They are resourceful and can answer any questions the most curious student raises. They are loving and caring while feedbacks given to us are strict and direct. Course is well structured. Handouts given are helpful to learning and future reference. They listen to feedback and make changes to class schedules when we asked. The yoga shala is stylish and well maintained, food is clean and healthy making tough practice days enjoyable. Koh phangan is a pleasant island to stay with nice people, wide selection of accommodation and restaurants. Overall you won’t regret doing it with One Yoga.

Fatina Naqvi, Pakistan

Amazing amazing amazing! I am so so happy to have chosen this program...there were so many options and somehow the universe directed me towards One Yoga. The teachers, the Shala, the people .... words can't do justice to the experience. I highly recommend this program for all - the organizers are super super helpful and will help out instantly, from renting a bike to accommodation, to figuring out eateries, which beach to go too, and most important the classes....the word "yoga" has a whole new meaning to me after this INTENSE transformational experience!

Adela Smrzova, Seychelles

I am so glad that I chose One yoga for my TTC training. From the very beginning, everything was absolutely perfect - including communication, and organisation. I really appreciate how we were cared both for and about. Danny, Surya and Latifa are amazing people with big hearts. They created a very friendly atmosphere. I felt very safe and they had always time to help me. They were very helpful. I was a beginner in yoga and I didn't feel uncomfortable in this course at all. The food was delicious, we had a smoothie every day for breakfast and buffet for lunch. All the meals were vegan, and very tasty and even though the course is over I still continue to eat vegan. It changed the way I think about food. The accommodation was really nice, I stayed in a bungalow just 6 minutes away from the school (by motorcycle). The Koh Phangan island is so beautiful and this place will stay in my heart forever. It's a spiritual place with positive and hippie vibes. Definitely I can recommend One yoga for TTC course.

Chris Richardson, United States

I couldn't have gotten more out of a TTC. From day One the teachers, students and staff create a truly authentic Yoga space.
I've been to Thailand many times but this experience will stay with me for years to come. One Yoga's teachings will guide my life and those of my future students. I believe we all left with the ability to give something back to the world that it needs...... YOGA. Thanks One Yoga Fam! 🙏

Sarah Baxter, United States

I had an amazing experience taking a teacher training course at One Yoga. I learned so much more than I could have imagined. All the teachers in the program are very good, the program well organized, and the natural beauty of the place a perfect setting. Would definitely recommend. ❤️

Janneke Van Opstal, Netherland

All the teachers were amazing, supportive and inspiring! The theory they taught us was interesting and useful. The asana practice was diverse and great for all levels. I've learned and grown so much in one month and I wish I could've stayed a lot longer! A million hugs and kisses for the One Yoga dream team.

Tillie Maceachern, Canada

This was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. This program was so much more than the physical aspect of yoga. It really expands you mind and sets you on a path for a more spiritual and balanced life. I found so much support in all of the teachers. And the knowledge and wisdom went beyond my expectations.

Paul Thomas, Netherland

What an incredible school. The best teachers and the most beautiful location. Their teachings are all from the heart, I truly felt welcome from the first moment I walked through the door. Would wholeheartedly recommend A+

Mollie Mills Cole, United States

Thank you, Danny, Surya, Latifa, and Astrid for the adventure of a lifetime! My month at One Yoga was transformational and just what I needed. I chose One Yoga for the curriculum, cost, and location; had I known better, I would have selected it based solely on the teachers and fellow students. Every detail was attended to with speed and kindness. When my motorbike would not start, Danny arranged for a battery charge; when I misplaced my workbook, Leandro loaned me his, when I couldn’t manage a pose, my new yoga family chipped in. I have the dubious honor of being the oldest One Yoga student to date (#only64) and it didn’t make a difference. There are some things I can do, and others I can’t—it’s always been and will always be that way. After all, asanas are only the building blocks for something bigger and better. For me, it was about movement, breathwork and meditation, and writing a new chapter. This is the beginning.

James Dunn, United States

The most amazing people I have ever met. The things you go through are quite incredible and I am so fortune to have experienced it.

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