Meditation Sessions

We offer a daily meditation program that is open to everyone free of charge. The meditation program is based on Zazen, which comes from the Japanese Buddhist tradition of Zen meaning 'Just Sitting'.

The difference between Zen meditation and other types of meditation is in the goal, or lack thereof. Unlike some other schools, Zen does not seek to produce altered states of consciousness. There is no goal of attaining progressive stages of meditation. Because of this difference, Zen teachers stress that in meditation there is no goal and nothing to attain. This arises from the core belief that the essential nature of every sentient being is the same for each of us, and instead of looking "out there" for Enlightenment in the form of special powers or mental states, one needs only to look inward and recognize what you already are in a direct, intuitive level beyond words and teachings.


Thus, Zen meditation might not have a "goal" in the way other schools use meditation, but it has a purpose, which is to learn how to have a relaxed focus on the immediate situation, what is variously called mindfulness or clear mind. The goal of zen is to attain intuitive understanding of the central question, the answer necessary to understanding your own mind and thus letting go of all clinging and realize your own true nature, and that is "What am I?" in one form or another. 

Although Zen meditation is simple and requires little instruction, it is highly effective if followed on a regular daily basis, especially when combined with the practice of yoga. We are passionate about this ancient teaching that helps to still the mind for inner peace, health and happiness.  Our meditation program is led by Danny Taylor who has a background in Buddhism and meditation practice. 


Daily schedule (Monday to Saturday)


06:00 – 06:40 Meditation

07:00 – 07:40 Meditation



Sessions are free but donations are welcome!




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