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Ayurvedic Fat Burning Detox Program

Just finished your TTC and you want to go deeper into the ayurveda practice?


Want to get rid of stubborn fat in your body?


Need to clean your body after partying and indulging too much on food?


Looking for a new system that will make more sense about what is good for you to eat?


Ayurveda (Traditional Indian medicine) had been used for thousands of years and become perfected by the experiences and insights of thousands of doctors in India.


Traditional medical practitioners and doctors from India had been using a technique of activating the fat burning mechanism in the body as the primal of healing and maintaining balanced and optimal weight and health. 

First, using a special diet and Ayurvedic herbs to prepare the body (especially the liver and gallbladder) for fat burning. Followed by a period of switching the metabolism from relying on sugars and carbs to use fat burning as the main source of energy for the body. Finished with a deep cleanse of the GI tract (intestines and colon) and rebooting of the digestion fire to ensure optimal results.


7 and 14 days program are available every week with check in on Wednesdays after 2 PM and check out on Tuesdays before 10 am.

The Venue

The retreat will be held at One Yoga on Koh Phangan - a paradise island in southern Thailand. The venue is located on a beachfront resort with a magnificent ocean view and a private beach close to Shritanu. 


There will be three meals served each day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The food will be vegetarian. The food served will support a yoga and meditation practice.

The cleanse will be based on a traditional ayurvedic detox food called “Kitchari”, which is a dish made from cooking long basmati rice, split yellow mung beans and spices. In phase 2 of the program, it will be a staple food for giving the body the right nutrients for the cleanse. Other options to add to the menu will be steamed vegetables, salads, and fresh fruits. All according to your level and experience in cleansing.


In phases 1 & 3, the menu will be low-fat, whole-food, fresh vegetarian food, rich in food that helps to prepare the body in and out of the cleansing state. Green vegetables, beetroot, green apples, ginger and mustard, all will help the liver, gall-bladder, kidneys, spleen, intestines, and all the GI tract, to get into optimal shape for best results in the program.


3 whole food meals a day will provide you a safe and relaxed state, that will activate the parasympathetic system of the body. This is crucial and necessary for messaging each and every cell of your body, that now it is safe to clean up and get rid of all which is not necessary. 

Non vegan ghee oleation is an integral part of the cleanse. It is possible however to substitute with other oils like olive oil, but with lesser results.


7 days - $455

14 days - $910

The prices includes food and all the yoga and meditation sessions during the retreat, but is excluding accommodation.


The retreat is currently offered without accommodation.

A deposit of $200 is required to secure a place on the retreat.

Getting HERE

Travel directions can be found here.

“The body is your temple. keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.”

B.K.S. Iyengar

Daily Schedule

07:10-07:30 Olieation (only in fat burning days)

07:30-08:30 Breakfast

10:00-11:30 Yoga practice

12:00-13:00 Lunch

14:00-15:00 Daily Detox Consultation Meet-Up

17:30-18:30 Dinner

19:00-20:00 Meditation/Kirtan/Sound Healing (optional)

(No yoga & meditation on Sundays)

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