Yoga teacher training on Koh phangan, Thailand



...making that step to follow your Dreams. Bringing the change your life has been waiting for.


You find yourself  on a tropical island. Surrounded by inspiring nature, vibrant beaches and calming blue seas.


The early sun rises as you make your daily journey through a beautiful garden to the Yoga Shala. Your new life long friends are seated, sharing stories, waiting for the day of new experiences to begin.


It feels like a dream. A dream that lasts 4 weeks. A dream that helps you to grow and evolve. Where radiant sunsets manifest over serene seas at the end of every day. And at the end of which you find yourself a confident, certified Yoga Teacher. Opening new doors and opportunities around the world…


This could be you….


Just Imagine

“First you learn yoga, then you teach yoga, finally you live yoga”

Swami Satyananda


A little about us

We are an experienced international team of teachers offering 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training courses and other retreats on Koh Phangan in Thailand. Based on our many years of experience, we have put together a unique yoga alliance registered teacher training program that contains a perfect balance between physical & spiritual yoga. 

You will learn to teach both modern and traditional yoga, as well as the dynamic and meditative style. Our lectures about yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology will give an understanding of yoga that is much deeper than what you find in most other teacher training programs.  

We are also proud to offer a unique meditation program, which when combined with yoga will enhance the benefits manyfold. 


Upon graduation, you have the opportunity to continue your practicum by teaching free yoga classes to the local community on our beautiful campus for a period of 30-days directly following your graduation.

With over 60 years of combined experience in yoga and having attended more than 3600 hours of teacher training you can be sure that a month spent with us will be a life-changing event.


"Every moment is a fresh beginning." 

T.S. Eliot

200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings

Our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Koh Phangan Thailand is an intensive 4-weeks retreat created with the aim to give you a solid foundation in yoga & meditation.​ You will learn to teach Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga and other styles like Ashtanga, Yin/Restorative & Prenatal Yoga will also be introduced. In addition to the daily yoga classes and lectures, we have included a meditation program that will help to increase your mindfulness and enhance the benefits of the yoga manifolds.

You will gain deep knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology while you experience life on a tropical island in a loving conscious community. The training will take place at a magical venue surrounded by raw tropical nature. You will also get a chance to experience how it feels to eat a variety of healthy and delicious food every day for a whole month!

The course will give you confidence in teaching and a strong self-practice. Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive the RYT200 Yoga Alliance certification which is recognized globally and will open many doors for you if you wish to teach internationally.


We also offer all newly grads the opportunity to continue your practical training by teaching free yoga classes to the local community. This gives you the opportunity to strengthen your Yoga teaching skills, and gain more confidence through experience in a familiar environment.


“Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence.”


Reasons to join us

Led by a diverse team of experienced teachers

Learn authentic Hatha Yoga combined with modern dynamic styles

Increase your mindfulness with our unique Meditation program

Receive a deeper knowledge about Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy and Physiology

Experience life on a tropical island in a loving conscious community

Train in a magical venue surrounded by raw tropical nature

Eat a variety of healthy and delicious food every day for a month!

Develop confidence in teaching and a strong self-practice

School and training course registered with the yoga alliance

Opportunity to extend practicum and teach free yoga classes to local community

One of the things that makes our teacher training course unique is our combined experience as a team. Each of us have our own unique personality, focus and strengths, which will give you exposure to different aspects of yoga.


The Team





















Koh Phangan

We strongly believe that the island of Koh Phangan is a truly incredible place for Yoga Teacher Trainings….

Here’s Why:


  • The island is fast becoming a Mecca for yoga, healing, personal development and transformation. The perfect place to begin or further your Yogic journey.

  • A strong conscious community of fellow aspiring Yogi’s, healers and people working towards transformation and deeper meaning. You will meet new & inspiring people everyday!

  • Abundance of clean and healthy Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants. Allowing you to easily begin to raise your vibration through the course.

  • Formed on a base of quartz crystal, with many people feeling strong energy emanating from the island itself. Will you feel it too?

  • Plentiful pristine places to focus, practise and integrate. Without unnecessary distractions!

  • Jungles and beaches surround the school. Allowing you to connecting you closer to nature and instilling peace within.

  • Quiet roads and scooter rentals give you the opportunity to roam freely across the island during your free time!

  • You are never more than a few minutes from a beach, giving you the perfect place to quiet contemplation, relaxation, sunbathing or that much welcome dip in the ocean.


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